I got this ET map..........

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I got this ET map..........

Post by Kernel265 on Tue Jun 04, 2013 10:01 pm

A few years back I made an et map called "Katastrophie".

It's and Axis defended objective map based on the ideas of the Axis trying to make use of the theories of Nikola Tesla.

The map is full of crazy stuff based on ideas from the Philadelphia Experiment and Tesla.

Hidden in the map is also a trick jump area based on the Hank Jump maps and a Sniper arena for covies to have a little fun.

I believe my map was the ONLY et map to offer map reconfiguration through and external variable contained in a custom map config file.
Admins had the option of locking out the objectives for the first 15 minutes to allow trick jumping and snipers to have some fun before the real stuff started.

The map was released as a beta but was fully functional.
I still have a newer unreleased version on my hard drive with improved terrain, and more routes to the objectives but with the trick jump and sniper area removed to decrease size and hunkmeg requirements.

The map is full of hidden surprises and secret areas.

I want to make a bot file for it but I'm having trouble getting jaymod to run on my system.
Probably too many .pk3 files so I'll try a cleaner user account to see if that helps.

The map was available at the etmaps.de site which seems to be down.
A search for katastrophie_b1.pk3 turned up a few links including this one:

I didn't check it for authenticity but if you want to host it someplace to try it out, I can email it to you.

See if you are interested and if enough are, I'll put an effort into doing the bot file.

I can also swap out the =PoW= graphics for FBY or whatever you might like.


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Re: I got this ET map..........

Post by Friedrich on Tue Jun 04, 2013 10:22 pm

Yeah, your map is cool and different. Probably gonna be interesting to get the bots to move through the teleporters, ramps, and multilevels.

Maybe they could camp key areas. The version with the hidden trickjump and sniper levels is the one I remember.

Still think of it as the big egg map lol.

You should check it out Obit.

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