How to Ban Cheaters

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How to Ban Cheaters

Post by obituary on Mon Aug 15, 2011 9:13 pm

If you suspect an aimbotter, quietly go to spectator mode and take a video. Be sneaky. Do not make any comments that will alert them that you are watching them.

Here is how to take a video:

Use this code in your console to record a video: /autorecord

When you are ready to stop, type this in your console: /stoprecord

Alternatively, you can drop this chunk of code into your autoexec.cfg file:

//demo toggle
bind F12 "vstr demotoggle"
set demotoggle "vstr demostart"
set demostart "autorecord; set demotoggle vstr demostop"
set demostop "stoprecord; set demotoggle vstr demostart"

This way you don't have to remember these commands, you just hit F12 while playing or spectating to take a video.

The video will be saved as a dm_84 file in your "Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory/Jaymod/demos" folder. These dm_84 files are named by the date and timestamp of the recording, so you can find them by the time. They can be only be viewed within ET itself by loading Jaymod through the MODS menu and then going to REPLAYS and selecting the video you want to watch.


Always send your video to another admin for approval. Take short videos and pick the best one. No one wants to watch a long boring video.

If you are a regular player, and don't know any FBY admins, email it to me at, or post the video to a file-sharing site like and make a thread in the "Report Problems" section of our forum.

Let another admin look at your video and decide objectively if it is a hack or not. We have commands that can ban the guy later even if he is not playing on the server anymore.

The person taking the video always has a strong bias that they are watching an aimbot. Your mind reinforces this because of the stress of the situation. So you need another opinion. You will make mistakes if you make decisions on your own.

Describe the behavior you think is unusual, so the second person will know why you think they are cheating.

If the suspect is really, really obvious (twitchy aimbot with 80% accuracy for example) you can kick him, or ban him on the scene. But we still need a good dm_84 video, and you need another admin to agree later. Don't ban someone and not tell anyone else.

How to actually ban someone:

Use this command in chat:

!ban playername 90d aimbot

IT IS CRITICAL THAT YOU WRITE "90d" NOT "90 d". 90 d will ban them for 90 seconds.

If you ban an innocent player, you will probably get a very nasty thread on the forum and may have commands removed from your account. Sometimes clan leaders from other clans will show up to harass us if you banned someone they think is innocent.


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