how to die less

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how to die less

Post by sidali on Thu Jun 12, 2014 9:42 am

For those who don't have Phil's body armor hax here are a few tips on how to die less.

To be honest I see a too many players on the server that dies very easy. It would be more fun for everybody if they didn't. Because let's face it. A dead player can't help their team mates and they can't repair objective. To do anything useful you need to stay alive. Hopefully this can help someone to improve their score a bit.

1. Always move

I'm serious, unless you are crouching to hit someone far away you should always move, preferably in an irregular pattern. If you don't move it takes less than a second for a good player to kill you from short to mid distance.

If I see you standing still when I have sten it says ding, ding, ding, ding, (ding if you are medic) and you are dead before you have time to move.

2. Don't jump more than needed

If you are in the air you can't change your direction and your aim is horrible. It's very easy for a good player to predict where to aim and because they know your aim will be bad they can calmly kill you off before you land again. The only time when jumping in a fire fight can be useful is when you are in really close combat and you are out of ammo. If you are lucky you might land on the other guy.

3. Stay close to cover and know when to take cover

There will be many times when the opponent hits you more than you hit them. Once the other guy starts getting more hits you are in trouble because it's hard to get the aim straight when you are getting knocked back by the bullets. The best chance you have then is to take cover. Reload, heal, whatever and then get back into the fight but now on equal terms again.

4. Don't rush straight against an enemy

This is a bit related to not jumping too much. If you move straight against an enemy standing still both players will be as easy to hit but you aim will be much worse because you are running so you will probably lose unless you are much better. If the other player is strafing you will have as bad accuracy but your path will be predictable and you will die.

5. Learn how to strafe fast

Do you ever feel like some players are unhittable? What most of these players have in common is that they know how to move fast without jumping. The you the sprint button correctly and that makes them really hard to hit. A good practice for this is to see how long you can survive a fight without shooting back.

6. The exception to all this

and this advice is to all funboy et servers
urs **sidali**

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Re: how to die less

Post by LoneStar on Thu Jun 12, 2014 10:32 am

Thanks for the info. Enjoy the servers. Nothing like them out there. Like a Star @ heaven

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Re: how to die less

Post by Kyla9320 on Tue Mar 10, 2015 12:26 pm

good advice,  i will adapt this into my play

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Re: how to die less

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