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Silent Mod with Enhanced Mod Empty Silent Mod with Enhanced Mod

Post by obituary on Sat Oct 24, 2015 2:49 pm

I get a lot of questions and controversy because i run silent mod with enhanced mod.

The first thing to know is that this is not supported or encouraged by the developers of silent mod. They don't want people to do it. Thats their opinion and I understand why they feel that way. They put a lot of work into their mod and they dont want people creating another layer of differentiation from their mod. They dont want to deal with the support questions on their forum.

With that said, I respectfully disagree.

Silent mod is derived from etpub. Without etpub many other mods would not exist. The open source attitude of etpub allowed other people to differentiate the next generation of mods like no quarter, jaymod and silent mod.

Enhanced mod is a way of running a mod on top of a mod. It gives you more freedom to operate. With effort you can learn many ways to use the enhanced mod system to customize any current mod.

Running enhanced mod on other mods is like opening a doorway. It is similar to learning linux - frustratingly obtuse and boring at first, then a tool for total control of your computer. Enhanced mod gives you power over your mod of choice, allowing you to take someone else's work as a starting point for your own creation.

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