Rushing Maps

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Rushing Maps

Post by obituary on Thu Oct 18, 2012 10:18 am

Rushing the map is a grey area, so we need some clarity for players and admins.

Completing the map in the first five minutes = definite rush.

If sequential objectives are skipped = definite rush.

An example of this is jumping over walls to get an objective, while the enemy team (especially the omnibots) are all guarding the earlier objective. This distorts the flow of the game and makes people leave the server.

Jumping over walls to get to a good position to attack from is NOT considered rushing.

Admin actions to take:

New player rushing = put him to spec so he drops the objective, then kindly explain that we don't want him rushing. Some people don't know the expectations.

Repeat offender = kick/abuse/ban at your discretion.

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