Installing Backtrack on VirtualBox

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Installing Backtrack on VirtualBox

Post by obituary on Thu Mar 07, 2013 6:56 pm

This link shows you how to install Backtrack on VirtualBox. Backtrack is the most advanced "security" software for what is called "penetration testing" (gaining unauthorized access to networks). It is for finding exploits and securing them before random internet hackers find them and steal all your data, and/or scramble your server.

VirtualBox is a free "virtualization" program. VirtualBox allows you to operate other operating systems on top of whatever is already installed on your computer. So you could be running Windows 7 on your computer as your "host" OS, with many other operating systems installed in VirtualBox as "guests".

Each "guest" OS is called a "virtual machine" and has its own simulated hardware (borrowed from your host OS). Your guest operating systems may lag if you don't have much RAM, but otherwise they work just like a normal OS. You can access the internet and run programs from within your guest operating systems. Some people have a lot of trouble accessing their USB drives from a guest OS in VirtualBox.

Backtrack is an actual operating system, based on ubuntu, that contains 100s of tools for expert security admins to use to "test" networks for vulnerabilities. Since it is an independent OS it can be run as a virtual machine on your installation of VirtualBox, allowing you to open it easily from your main operating system, and to quickly delete the entire installation if needed with no effect on your main OS. The advantages of this should be self-evident.

Here is the tutorial:

Here is where to get VirtualBox:

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