Server Relocated

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Server Relocated

Post by obituary on Sun Apr 28, 2013 6:17 pm

Due to an unknown bug that disconnects a lot of players, the Beginner server has been moved to a different port. It is now on port 27962 instead of 27960.

The server user data and custom files were all copied over to a different account on the system. The game engine underlying the new port location was running FUNBOY (FLIGHT SCHOOL) previously with no trouble.

So we have basically switched FLIGHT SCHOOL with BEGINNER.

Just click on the FUNBOY (OVERKILL) button on your menu and it will connect you to the new location for FUNBOY (BEGINNER).

A new menu will download so then you can just slick on FUNBOY (BEGINNER) after that.

This should help repopulate the server since the other location was kicking half our players for no apparent reason.

The original Beginner location is being completely reinstalled and will be running "FUNBOY (OVERKILL)" when I get it fixed.

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