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Minastirth Problems Empty Minastirth Problems

Post by MissPriss on Fri Jun 22, 2012 6:15 pm

OK this has been happening alot, and I for one am feed up with it, gate 5 1st off can be blown with a satchel and all other gates are blown with dyno, 2nd problem is it can be rebuilt, and when u have bots on here they rebuild it all the time then what happens is spawn then goes back to there meanwhile Axis is blowing 6 & 7 & winning the game while allies players are stuck at gate 5

I for one dont like, Im just saying it very frustrating to play for 50 mins defending all the way & then bam Im stuck down at gate 5 while I hear them blowing gates above me, I dont mind losing fair & square but I hate it when this happens.

And on a separate note when the FBY clan members playing on Axis just laugh at u dosent make me want to come back here and play anymore. I play here every day most times longer than alot of FBY clan members cause I like ur server but I dont need to be disrespected! Most of you are very nice, but a selected few seem to think cause Im female I should just suck it up buttercup, and hey I do but disrespect is not something I will put up, u want ur server to have real players, some nights Im the only one here so when peeps come in they stay cause im here & play for awhile.

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Minastirth Problems Empty Re: Minastirth Problems

Post by Noname(Est) on Fri Jun 22, 2012 6:24 pm

thats something i dont think we can change(i mean satchel)because the map is been made like this by the map creator and i to understand the frustraion what you get when the 5 is rebuild and then you stuck behind it because axis usually dont care if its rebuild.i usually when play axis wait for my team or the allies to start rebuild and kill them then they dont come back to rebuild it and i hope you will stay with us Smile

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