extra maps??

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extra maps??

Post by daijizai on Thu Oct 23, 2014 4:31 pm

Hi, everybody, I was talking to Selene earlier, and I said I had lots of maps if FBY was interested.
Selene said that ideally, maps must be Omnibot usable. I think they all are, but maybe not all of them have waypoints pre-written. Ie, in some of the maps, the bots don't go anywhere cos there aren't any waypoints/scripts for them.

Do any of you people do bot waypointing/scripting?
I don't know how to Sad

Anyway, I was thinking, I could just put the maps on a webpage and FBY admin could d/l them as they please.

But not all of them have bot scripts, and I don't even know which ones. (I have over 2 GB's worth of maps.)

FBY servers are a LOT of fun Smile
Yes! You people live up to the name Smile
Thanks for your servers and all your hard work Smile

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