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Clan recruitment and activity Empty Clan recruitment and activity

Post by Selene on Tue Feb 04, 2014 8:55 am

If you want to join the [FBY] clan, you need to meet few requirements:


1) You have to be an active player on the server.
2) You should be eager to do your admin work on the server. We don't want "empty tags". Admins should be a good example for the players and should do everything to make sure everyone follows our rules.
3) You have to be an active member on the forum. The forum is the place where we inform about any rule changes, so you should visit and discuss regularly.
4) You have to make a topic in the "Clan Recruitment" section, that you want to join. It will be your application, and we'll start the vote to approve you within a week.
5) If you are a new player, wait with your application, until you are recognised on the server. Talk to players and admins, so you are not just "another random name".
6) Be talkative. It's the best way to judge your character. Also it improves your chances to pass the vote. Most prospective members are refused to join, because they don't talk and nobody knows them. When you are an admin, you have to respond to every issue on the server when you're online. Communication is the most important skill.
7) You need to pass the vote. You will be informed about it in your application thread and through email or forum PM. Be patient. To be accepted, you need the strong majority of "yes" votes. Usually about 70%.


You have to schedule a meeting on the server with me or, when I am unavailable, with Obituary. At this point you can't wear our tags yet.
We'll take you to the password protected server, where we teach you how to respond in various situations on the server. You will be set to level 3 and you will be taught on how to use admin commands.
After this training session, you will get "High Admin" level on all of our servers (currently Beginner and No Quarter), and you will be encouraged to wear the tags: [FBY].


1) Play regularly. If you are going to be gone for a while, inform us on the forum. If you are inactive from the game, stay active on the forum. If we don't see any activity from you for a longer while, we will send you an email about your clan activity. If you don't respond within a week, you will be removed from the clan.
2) Make sure the players and admins follow the rules of the server. Respond to every issue, if you are currently on the server. If the issue cannot be resolved, send a PM/email on the forums to me or Obituary.
3) Do not provoke players, and don't fight with other admins on the chat. Resolve your issues through the PM, and if it cannot be resolved, talk to me or Obituary.
4) Use your admin commands to resolve issues on the server, never to abuse players. Command abusers will be removed from the clan.
5) Communicate with other admins. People that don't talk, don't make good admins. You have to show that you are involved.
6) We have our private lives and jobs as well. If you don't respect the time that we used to train you, and you decide to quit within a short amount of time, you will be removed from the clan without the possibility of re-applying. Make sure we're making a good investment in you. If you are accepted into the clan, and you don't respond for the training within a week, you will be removed from the clan.
7) Read the forum regularly. You will be up to date with everything that is happening on the servers.
8) Be polite and helpful. If you can't help a player with some issue, send him to the forum for more info.

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