Political Disussion in Game

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Political Disussion in Game Empty Political Disussion in Game

Post by Ace on Sat Sep 06, 2014 6:20 pm

I am all for political disussions but not in the game. I had to actually listen to anti veteran speak in a military game?? Seriously the person doing it should have been bounced. I come to the server to play the game and have fun not here about how palestine is a victim!! ARGGGGHHH Ridicilous!


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Political Disussion in Game Empty Re: Political Disussion in Game

Post by -Gotcha- on Sat Sep 06, 2014 8:31 pm

yes ace. but i said no more talk of political talk/war talk, and you spoke up and so did others after i said that. i don't know how many times i said no more of that talk.

I already told a certain admin about this and they will probably reply back at this.
I told this person whom i thought was in this conversation.

And some of who was in it left the game before any muting or kicking could of been done, but once they left it calmed down.

It makes me mad when others piss people off to where they leave the server, they came to the server to have fun not a political chat.If you want to chat like that get on yahoo/facebook/myspace or something else besides gaming servers.

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Political Disussion in Game Empty Re: Political Disussion in Game

Post by obituary on Sat Sep 06, 2014 10:34 pm

Our guideline is to prevent blatant harassment of other players and to prevent discussing illegal topics (how to download illegal files, how to make drugs, illegal weapons, etc).

Both of these are grey areas and we allow our admins a great deal of latitude in enforcing these guidelines.

If an admin tells you to stop discussing something, it's usually best to just take a deep breathe and let it go.

I often find in real life that stopping before I am finished reduces conflicts. It's not very satisfying though. But it works better and reduces the tension.

We don't have any opinions one way or the other regarding Palestine or Israel. I totally get that the Palestinians are not very happy at being forced off their land, and I also get that the Jews would like to have their own country so people like Hitler don't try to kill them all again. And Palestine used to belong to the Jews 2000 years ago. So it is complicated.

Again, we prefer freedom of speech, outside of harrassment or illegal topics. But if an admin is telling players to calm down we will typically side with the admin.

Thanks for your opinion Ace... we certainly like the feedback even if it is negative feedback. We don't learn anything from people who agree with us.

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Political Disussion in Game Empty Re: Political Disussion in Game

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