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Windows 10 free upgrade Empty Windows 10 free upgrade

Post by Twisted on Mon Jun 01, 2015 6:04 pm

Yea they nagging us now. I booted up this morning to find a windows 10 icon in my tray asking me to upgrade to windows 10. I'm like no not even a chance right now. Not till the first service pack.
I don't want this nagware slowing down my start up. So I searched for the update that put it in my rig, and uninstalled it.
I found the updates here.
I thought I'd share this with you all.

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Windows 10 free upgrade Empty Re: Windows 10 free upgrade

Post by Selene on Mon Jun 01, 2015 11:47 pm

Thanks. I install all the updates manually and definitely don't want some icon telling me to upgrade to another system, especially that I have a stable system for 6 months and not looking forward to get rid of it just to have it named Windows 10. Smile

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