Dutch clan master server hack

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Dutch clan master server hack Empty Dutch clan master server hack

Post by obituary on Sat Jun 02, 2012 5:27 pm

The "Dutch" clan has redirected the master server list at idsoftware to point to their ET server. This means when you click on "PLAY ONLINE" from the main menu, it immediately asks you if you want to redirect to this server:

if you click yes, you will find yourself on a crammed ET server full of very unhappy people complaining that thier computers have been hacked to force them to play there. One guy even said thata he reinstalled WIndows 7 on his computer and his computer is "still hacked". That's because it's not his computer. Your computer is working fine. These assholes have hacked the connection at idsoftware instead, so every player automatically connects to their server.

If you have connected, you will notice that they download a new clan server menu that overwrites your nomal menu. The link to the FUNBOY server is replaced with a link to their server.

The solution is to go into your etmain folder and remove this file:


Then when you start ET again, the FUNBOY (BEGINNER) menu will be there like normal, Do not return to the other server.

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Dutch clan master server hack Empty Re: Dutch clan master server hack

Post by booger on Sat Jun 02, 2012 6:24 pm

hm, well that looks a lot like someone desperate for players or splatter stats, Im surprised it hasn't happened sooner, look at this link http://etmaster.net/ , this solution was used when the master was down and seemed fine. Clients would just edit the hosts.cfg file on windows, not sure exactly where it would be, put more simply, it just tells yer os where to find etmaster.idsoftware.com.
to be sure , I tried it both ways and with the modified hosts file, the redirect does not appear.


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