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Post by SPEEDY on Thu Dec 13, 2012 8:17 am

FYI the server is stuck on goldrush every time it ends restarts with same map...

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Santa Server Empty Re: Santa Server

Post by obituary on Thu Dec 13, 2012 10:36 am

I converted it back to a "mapcycle.cfg" instead of using daisy-chain configs. With the daisy chains each map executes its own config and in the config you can assign the next map to be loaded. But it is a complicated way to do it when you have 24 maps running because you could misspell one map or completely miss one config file and you won't know unless you use "nextmap" to check that all the maps load.

Problem with the mapcycle.cfg is that it needs to be executed by rcon each time the server is restarted. The server was running fine yesterday and the maps had been executed. So the server may have been turned on and back on again, or gotten stuck and restarted itself, and the mapcycle.cfg needs to be re-executed now.

This is why I prefer daisy-chain map configs lol. Once they are running you can change maps by adding or removing a config file without needing to restart the sequence and disrupt whatever is currently running.

Another problem though is the new jaymod-2.2.0 has a "score bug" that gets triggered when too many configs are executed, so it conflicts with using daisy-chain configs. The score bug will then not show any scores at the end of the map IF there are more than four omnibots per human player (weird I know).

This wasn't a problem with the old jaymod-2.1.7 because it ran on the old omnibot-0.61, which did not have this bug. But when omnibot-0.81 came out they did not get the chance to work with the Jaymod developer (who was no longer communicating with anyone) so it has this bug now. That is why I was trying to use the mapcycle.cfg instead of the daisy chains, until the server gets populated enough that there are enough players to prevent the score bug.

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Santa Server Empty FYI

Post by Guest on Mon Jan 07, 2013 12:57 am

If the daisy causes more problems compared to the mapcycle then leave as is cause when they reboot it and maps run in a loop then its a matter of time before one of us resets it back to normal.


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Santa Server Empty Re: Santa Server

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